Where are We Going?

Good question. Actually since we started telling our friends about the trip and posted the link to this blog there have been a lot of good questions. We will try to answer them all.
Where are we going?
Not sure.
The short answer is, we are traveling around the US in an RV – like Gypsys – in the fall and then backpacking through Europe – like hobos – in the Spring. If all goes well we will drop Brenna off at Purdue and then keep going north, hugging the perimeter of the US through Yellowstone, the Olympic Peninsula, and California. After California we will check out the southwest and somehow end up in Colorado. At this point we stare at the map and wonder which is more exciting Oklahoma or Kansas. We are still deciding. We would like to end up in Florida for Christmas and then somehow wind our way back to Indiana.
We have our KOA card but the response from so many people inviting us to stay has been amazing. In addition to seeing the beautiful country we are excited about reconnecting with so many old friends. Here is just a sampling of folks we will hopefully get to see:

• Missy in Minnesota – How cool was Shawnee cabin at Camp Tecumseh in 1982?
• Jeremy in Oregon – Bye Bye Birdie 1988 rocked! Although I don’t think we had any scenes together
• Slack in Arizona – Your comment on the photo of Mark and Andy made me laugh very very hard, “Dorks!”
• TO DD! in Washington – Oh, wait, you just told me to call you. So we may just talk…about the time you painted yourself green and walked around a county fair.
• Myrna & Dick in California – Fantastic in-laws once removed, that’s the title we’re going to go with.
• Shark in Florida – The lifeguarding skills you taught me in 1986? That stuff was hard.
• Smurf in Wisconsin – we won’t call you Smurf in front of your kids
• Rain, Sarah, Jodie, Susan (PA and NJ), Ellen, Elizabeth, (yes, Ellen, I wrote it in that order on purpose), Lizzie…the list continues to grow. And it has only been a day since we really put the word out.
• Sheldahl, Richart, Tsai, Buck, Cody, Shively, Moudy, and that other Outlaw that didn’t quite make it through pledgeship – we know you’re ready to invite us. I’m not forgetting King, Bloomington just isn’t on our route.

We will plan the trip out a week at a time and will do our best to contact as many of you as we can. Although we ask no more than laundry and showers we will be rating everyone’s hospitality and have a Host rating section on the blog. You may want to begin preparing how you are going to entertain us when we come knocking. Home cooked meals and allowing us to spend the night in your driveway will be worth bonus points.
The Europe trip detail is like this: go to Europe, come home in May. Hopefully we’ll have time on the road to figure out the details.


4 responses to “Where are We Going?

    • I would love to see you and Ryan. But are you sure, I may just end up putting one of your adorable boys in my pocket and taking him with us. And don’t even get me started on the anticipation of enjoying one of your culinary creations.

  1. You are always more than welcome at our house, but I don’t think the north side of Indianapolis sounds adventurous enough! Looking forward to hearing your exploits over the next year.

  2. Boyd Davis is NW of Portland in Hillsborough area, and Sheldahl is an hour North of Portland in Kelso, WA (I think?). I can hook up with both.
    Depending on where your “in laws once removed” are in Cali, I can probably hook you up in either (or both) NorCal or SoCal. Henry is in Irvine, and his sister and many other good friends are in NorCal and should be willing to put up with a few Boilers if I ask! And Meg Squires (Tom’s older sister),April Oyler (my 2nd lil sis), and Marla Beitz (Glenwood) are all in CO. And my turf prof is in Billings and would love to contribute to a trip like this if in town.

    Let me know if/how I can help on the west (aka best) coast.

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