Murphy needs a self-esteem boost

Murphy, or as he is formally known, Murphy’s Irish Stout, would be a great wing-man, if Pocket Beagles were allowed in drinking establishments. For now though, Murphy is the Buster Bluth of beagles. With a little more confidence Murphy could easily take the lead in wooing the Beagle-ettes in your neighborhood. Until then he settles for the joy of treasure hunting in unprotected garbage cans. Murphy enjoys the great outdoors during the day and the confined space of his lair/cage at night. He has nearly 9 years of experience with two families with children of all ages.

Murphy cannot come with us on our trip. Because of his anxiety issues (vet’s words, not mine) we are having difficulty finding him a home. There are Beagle rescues in our area but we would prefer leaving Murphy with someone who wants him. If we become an “owner surrender” we will be judged harshly and animal rights folks can be quite crafty in doling out their sense of justice. And that is entirely based on two articles I read about paint throwers and…um, I lied, one article I read.

Will you look deep into your heart and see if there is room for Murphy?
Update Aug-2 Murphy has been taken in by an old colleague, Nila. She will help Murphy with his anxiety and find him a home through her volunteer work at an animal shelter. In the meantime she cooks him nightly meals and probably sings lullabies to get him to sleep.



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