Sabbaticals, They’re Not Just For Teachers

LOA“What about your jobs?”

We won’t have them.

There is a book called the “4 Hour work Week” which details how to create a work environment and lifestyle where you only labor 4 hours a week. That is a concept we fully will adhere to, but with 4 less hours per week. We will be unemployed vagabonds for our trip.

However, our jobs will be waiting for us when we return (provided there is not great change in the business environment). Well, perhaps a 90% chance our jobs will be waiting for us.

We approached both of our companies’ leaders, shared our plans, and asked for Leaves of Absence. They agreed. We are very thankful that they support our endeavor and are willing to make accommodations while we are gone. We certainly could pursue options that would provide an income while we are on the road but we would rather spend the time taking in the sites, meeting old friends and being with our family.

There is a monetary opportunity cost to our decision, but it is worth it.


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