Trip = Ironman

triLet’s equate the events of the past 24 hours to the Friend Family Adventure, a top 9 list, so to speak. As some of you may have heard, I competed in the Muncie Triathlon on Saturday, a swim/bike/run event covering 70.3 miles. While in recovery mode today, I’ll draw some parallels between it and our upcoming trip:

1. The event starts with a certain amount of forethought and expectation, but as it progresses, you may need to recalibrate.

2. There is a support system in place of plenty of people, friends and strangers, who are willing to help you when you’re down.

3. 1/3rd of the way through, you’re feeling good about your chances of succeeding.

4. 2/3rds of the way through, you’re still optimistic, but a little sore and tired.

5. At many points along the way, you wonder why you’re doing it.

6. When you’re 85% done and your body is in full protest, you verify your commitment to the cause and mentally tough it out.

7. There’s a chance that your wife will rub your feet at the end of the day (ok – wishful thinking).

8. People offer you food, showers, and a place to relax when you’re finished.

9. After all is done, you reflect back through the high points and low points and are thankful that you took the opportunity.

In the end, we’ll keep our eyes on the commitment, keep smiling, and see some of you along the way.

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