Born of Financial Investment Ignorance

Stock photo - not real money in our house

Stock photo – not real money in our house

How can you afford this?

Three years ago there was a big change in our lifestyle, Brody started elementary school. This allowed for Elizabeth to work more hours and decreased day care costs. This had an appreciable effect on our household disposable cash. What should we do with it? Most people would develop an investment plan with the appropriate mix of bonds, stocks and mutual funds. We found this too difficult and opted for stashing it in a mattress to later spend on something big.
Our discussions on what to buy shifted from material things to experiences.

We have been steadily investing every month for three years. We don’t really know how much this adventure of ours is going to cost, if the money runs out before our expected end in May we will come home. We will try to share as much as we can about our budget to help others who are thinking about a similar type of trip.

We did invest in a CD but missed the sell or exercise date, wait… maturity date, yes we missed that and now money is stuck there for another 18 months. This is why we really like the mattress stuffing plan. We know how to get it.


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