Brody Speaks

Brody, Age 8Are the kids excited?

What are you forward to doing on the trip?
Going to South Dakota, seeing Yellowstone and seeing Mt. Rainier, I mean, Mt. Rushmore and the Jewel Caves.

What are you not looking forward to?
Nothing, everything is going to be great.

How is it going to be living in the RV?
Fun, because I get to be close to my family.

What about school?
It will be fun on the computer

What will you miss about Franklin?
Swimming and my friends

What special things are you bringing?
Some of my toys and books

What do you tell people when they ask about the trip?
I say, “I’m excited” and they ask, “Are you ready?” and I say, “Yes!”

Anything else you would like to add?
No, I’m fine

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