Goodwill Run

photo (6)These runs have been an integral part of our planning. Whether it’s the need to live with less (which we could always stand to do), really bump up our charitable giving for next year’s tax returns, or get more junk out of the house for the sake of potential tenants, we’re just doing it. Today we found that we had 9 guitar hero guitars, 50 video tapes, several pairs of shoes (including 2 pairs of golf shoes for this once a year golfer), and four old sewing machines. Why do we have so many redundancies? Surely we didn’t buy all of these items. Regardless, they’re gone now, making us feel free of extra weight. Soon we’ll be putting that minimizing practice into supplying our 300 square foot house. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

And don’t worry MG, we still have the good sewing machines!


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