Vanity of Vanities, All is Vanity

Small space + frugal living = discount beauty regimen
Alternatively the post could be titled: Sacrifice. The amount of money spent on products meant to preserve youthful skin and hair merits it’s own line item in our normal life budget. No drugstore or even department store brands are considered, my preference is so specialized I buy creams, lotions, serums and toners straight off the Internet. They have names like “RESIST Anti-Aging Clear Skin Hydrator: Skin Remodeling Complex.” There are roughly 5 phases that must be completed every morning and night. If one is missed the anxiety which can overcome me almost ruins my day.
For the trip though, I will have to change my ways. No more fancy fancy. When the current stock runs out it’s going to be all about Suave and Noxema from Wal-mart. There is a certain curiosity if there really will be any difference.
However, there will be no sacrifice on make-up. Maybe I don’t use it right but I never actually use up anything. Makeup gets tossed because I drop it and it crumbles into a hundred pieces. Lipsticks used to be dropped down the central vacuum unit by toddlers, thank goodness that’s stopped. But things like eye-liner? I still have (and use) my Loreal China Blue pencil from high school. Obviously the idea that make-up has an expiration date is a lie by cosmetic marketers.
So this is added to the list of lifestyle changes while on the road. Don’t worry, we will still use deodorant and shave but the girls and I will have to share.



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