More Lunch than I Deserve!

bfs lunchA huge debt of gratitude goes to my coworkers today. In celebration of my departure (and that of coworker Megan), we had a pitch-in lunch. And in line with Hoosier tradition, calories flowed. All major food groups were represented – Pork, cake, cookies, Rice Krispy treats made of Cocoa Krispies and Fruity Pebbles (who knew?), bread dip, tater salad, rice, brownies, chips, slaw salad, and CVSs famous green beans. We started at 11:45, but snacking continued through the afternoon. All in all, a true reminder of the type of people who I work with and will miss over the next 10 months.

There were a few interesting suggestions made for the trip that bear repeating. First, in order to bring along items that we don’t think will fit (the guitar for example), we need to rig up a suspension apparatus to hang them from the ceiling – just watch your head. Second, always be cognizant of the vehicle height; once an overhang rips off the AC unit, the rest of the trip will be miserable. Third, if we plan this out right and rely solely on KOA, family, and friends, we may never have to use the on-board facilities. Fourth, Skittles are fruit. And finally, pack on some pounds now while we can because meals like this aren’t going to exist on the road.

So to my coworkers at Butler, Fairman & Seufert, thank you for the sendoff and best of luck to you in the coming year! Even Gene who ruined the group picture.


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