Surprisingly Affordable Health Insurance

Many of our budget items are wild guesses, insurance included. The cost could make or break the trip. The options ran from the low cost high risk self-insurance to the high cost low risk COBRA. We looked into Medicaid, technically we will have no income, but they are pretty crafty and it would only cover the children since we as adults have assets. (We’d probably end up on a CPS watch list to boot). Sister Anne is a Doctor but we just can’t figure out a way to make that work for us in any way.
After a few Internet searches we stumbled on Short-term health insurance. Bottom line is we have a high deductible but coverage for 6 months for less than $150 a month. That is not per person, that is for our entire family of 6, even the one in college. Once that expires we will head overseas and switch to a comprehensive international travel insurance policy.
Fingers crossed that we have legitimate insurance and haven’t made some European crime ring $150 richer.


2 responses to “Surprisingly Affordable Health Insurance

  1. Don’t you know that now health care is “free” in this country. Just don’t let them know you can speak English!

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