9:17 At Best Buy

Online_Shopping_1219485I feel like I have been here forever.
7:30 start time.
We need to have connectivity for schooling the children and to just exist. I envisioned walking into Best Buy, telling them about our plans and then having them tell us exactly what we need. That did not happen. Everything we need or think we need has a unique sales associate who tells us all about the product line. Maybe a third of it makes sense to me. They speak processor speed and memory and I just want to know if I can watch a movie and email my grandma on it. Luckily we ruled out Apple right away as it will not support the school software. It did require a phone call to another associate in a far away place.
It’s 9:25 and we are still here.
Deals and bundles are always attractive and we worked what we could including grabbing an item that had been returned and was deeply discounted. After identifying the hardware we have been working the angles on the data plans for phones and hot spots. Oh the time we have spent just sitting while they clack clack on the computer activating everything.
Our final purchase list:
2 HP laptop bundles
Nabi tablet
Canon camera bundle
Hot spot
And mega AT&T data phone plan
Our total is about $900 with a monthly data plan for 2 years. We will have to come up with another connectivity plan for Europe but we are good for now.
9:34 they are ringing us up.
9:44 out the door.

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