Tenant, Murphy & Dolly

We changed our minds.

Just kidding. Today was our last day of regular employment. But there is work to be done to get this show on the road. Deciding what to bring is going to be a theme over the next 10 days. We have made progress in a few other areas.
We have a tenant. This is a huge burden that has been lifted. It is also evidence of how spreading the word of a need gets results. A friend from church, Kelli, is a teacher and got the ball rolling. Our new tenant is a newly hired school employee and his family. They need a place to settle in and get a feel for the area before they find a more permanent home. It is a good situation for everyone.
Murphy will have a new home. On Friday he will be taken in by a former co-worker, Nila. She is looking forward to helping him with his anxiety issues. I hope we are able to maintain our friendship.
Finally, we are no longer looking for a dolly to tow our car. We are going to trade our Elantra for my parents Ford Escort. This may seem like a bad deal for us but we are saving a few thousand dollars as the escort can be towed behind without purchasing a dolly. This car was previously towed by my grandparents when they had an RV. I think it is pretty cool that we get to take it around just like they did.


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