First Day

The first day of the adventure has been a productive prep day. First was IT – getting the new laptops loaded with the proper software for homework and budget. That took a while but everything seems to be in working condition. Then Brody and I did some outdoor work to get some of the trees trimmed up and swingset in order for our tenants. (Tomorrow will be filled mostly with preparing the inside of the house for them). Scarlet went to orientation for 7th grade and had her picture taken. Elizabeth entered into negotiation with school staff about book fees, and that remains a loose end in need of tying up. Beyond that, there was general clean up, freezer defrosting, car washing, and an RV tour for Brenna’s friend Jordan. But at the end of the day, it was off to Victory Field to watch some minor league ball. Compliments of Elizabeth’s company, we enjoyed a nice game against Scranton. The buzz through the week was that there was a slight chance that A Rod might play in this game, but like most slight chances, that didn’t happen.



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