Carly Simon

Carly Simon

Is a certain tune going through your head? Good, now replace the word “anticipation” with “procrastination” and that is what most of my day is dedicated to doing. By all appearances of the blog things are getting done, of course that is how we present it– Health insurance, schooling, RV procuring all very important things. Then there is the stuff that seems really important but it is not.
A good portion of this week was spent, collecting change. There are going to be a few laundry mats to visit in the future and quarters will be in demand. After 15 years in the house there are lots of little cups, drawers and other receptacles where change just ends up and multiplies. We decided to gather it all together and put it in the bank. Of course we had to put it in money rolls because that is fun and makes it easy to count. We filled lots of rolls but near the end of a roll we would be short a few pieces of change. That was when the treasure hunt started, couches were scoured, under the seats of cars, bottom of the closet where money falls out of our pockets. The triumph of finding one more dime to make a $5.00 roll, such satisfaction. Usually that’s the time another change nook would be recalled (above the laundry, my office drawer, that ceramic thing the kids made one mothers day) and the vicious cycle of almost filling and scouring the house repeated a few times. When we finally succumbed to breaking into the kids piggy banks to complete the roll, it was time to stop. Just writing this makes me think I may have some level of OCD, there was nothing more important today than have complete rolls of coins.
At the end of it all we had over $200 in change; $120 in quarters. I’m not sure whether to be proud or not.


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