Welcome John & Morgan

Our guests moved in today. Or at least their belongings have moved in. John recently accepted a job at the high school and his family is relocating from Florida. They are visiting family in the area and will settle in with their things when we leave. Hopefully some of you in Franklin will have the opportunity to meet them in the next few months.
Today we were able to spend time getting to know them and apologizing for the state of our house. After living somewhere for 15 years you get comfortable with the quirks. “Our freezer is broken so we use it like a pantry” are words that make you feel weird for not fixing it, but only as they are coming out of your mouth. There was also the moment of mortification when I showed Morgan the kitchen drawer where I kept all the little toddler toys for my children to play with while I cooked. The toys were still there along with petrified play dough.
Everything was off the truck in less than 2 hours. There was lots of help from the Vaught and Clendening families. Thank you both. David and Danny each deserve a special thank you, David for being a link in connecting us with John & Morgan, and Danny for touring our home and giving the go ahead sign to John & Morgan.
We found a fun connection with Danny, a Purdue graduate. He lived in a men’s cooperative, Sherman house which later became Stewart cooperative where Elizabeth lived. We shared our memories of the place which has now become a parking lot.
Our house will not be empty and that is an incredible relief. John & Morgan can take their time to find just the right place in Franklin to call their home. We could not have asked for a better situation.


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