Remember the Sabbath.

St_ Ann Catholic Church - West Palm Beach FL (interior side and back view)This morning began with a wonderful worship service, followed by a congregational meeting and pitch-in lunch. We were given many warm wishes and thank our church family who we will miss as we travel. There are many new programs on the horizon at Center Grove Presbyterian as well as many challenges, and we wish the church the best.

This leads to a discussion on our spiritual plan for the trip. Sundays will always include a worship service; visiting churches along the way. We look forward to meeting people and sharing with them. In the cases where we find ourselves so remote that a church is nowhere nearby, we will have material on hand to lead a family devotional, perhaps a campfire devotional where we invite our temporary RV neighbors and friends (where two or more Winnebagos are gathered in His name). The European leg of the trip may be the most interesting of all, depending on the language spoken in their churches. Every Sunday will be a Pentecostal experience!

No matter where we are, our thoughts won’t be far from home. Elizabeth and I have been part of a number of Churches since we were married, St. Matthews Presbyterian in Olney Maryland, Trinity United Methodist in Frederick Maryland, Hopewell Presbyterian in Franklin Indiana, and Center Grove Presbyterian in Greenwood Indiana. In each, we grew in our faith, raised our children, and met the most wonderful people. We’re sure to do much of the same in the next 10 months.


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