Not Inspired by Oprah

Have you always wanted to do this?

Usually when I hear about someone doing something a little out of the mainstream I think it is weird. If I hear about people leaving their jobs and travelling around I think they must be some kind of hippie. Changing our lifestyle for a year is not something that Brent and I ever considered. We have discussed places we’d like to live, like cabins in the mountains, or whether it would be cool to get a pool. Never did we utter the idea, let’s live like paupers at KOAs for awhile.

The idea come slowly to travel, there was never an A-ha moment or an Oprah Winfrey show that made us reevaluate our life. But once travelling took root it seemed like the best idea ever. I had the privilege to live in a number of cities across the US. My father was a career military officer so we lived on both coasts. Moving usually meant traveling across country and enjoying the sites along the way. I had grandparents who owned an RV and one summer we travelled with them from California to Indiana. They exposed me to many canyons, 4 corners and Mesa Verde. I thanked them for the trip by announcing that I never wanted to see another hole in the ground. I was 8.

My children have only known one home and I wanted to make sure they had the opportunity to experience some of this great land of ours. We just couldn’t pick one or two places to take them, we want to show them everything, that is why we are taking 10 months to go anywhere we want. The children are not as excited as we are because they are leaving their friends for such a long time. Hopefully the connectivity of Skype and texting will tie them over until our return in May.

As for our oldest, she will not be traveling with us in the RV. She already had her cross country experience in the summer of 2008 when she spent 2 weeks accompanying her aunt on a drive from Indiana to California. If you still think she is being deprived of such and adventure (her choice) you can send her cookies at Purdue to make up for us abandoning her.



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