Deciding What To Bring

One of my personal strengths is telling other people what to do. The children have greatly benefitted from this skill the past week. However, this trip is such a huge ball of unknown to them that we try to give them some freedom and a sense of control. Space to store items is limited and the children want to bring everything. Each child has been given an overhead bin, oodles of storage boxes to fill and shove in the bin and they have a list of essentials. Once the essentials are packed they can take anything they want as long as it fits in their designated space.
For anyone using this blog for research purposes here is the list:
• 5 pairs of underwear
• 3 Camis/bras/undershirts
• 3 T-shirts
• 2 long sleeve shirts
• 5 pairs of socks
• 1 pair of jeans
• 2 pairs of shorts
• 1 set if PJs
• 1 pair of comfy lounge around pants
• 1 swim suit
• 1 hat
• 1 pair of sunglasses
Items for the children to select but not stored in their bin (mom and dad are giving up some if their space):
• 1 sweatshirt (hoodie)
• nice Sunday outfit w/cardigan (thanks for the reminder Andy)
• tennis shoes
• flip flops
• windbreaker
• beach towel
• towel & wash cloth
• small back pack or purse
If the girls knew it existed they would have invested in one of those machines that bags items and then sucks all the air out. In the meantime Scarlet uses the stand and stomp method to fit 9 T-shirts into an old pencil box. Arden is filling out her space with scarves and tank tops. Brody would be just fine with bringing less clothes and wearing the same thing everyday.



2 responses to “Deciding What To Bring

  1. Not to complicate things, but based on your previous post about going to church regularaly on your travels, do you all need to pack a one set of nicer clothes to wear to church each week? It’s not like anyone else in the church would notice you are wearing the same clothes each week since you will likely be in a different church each week.

    • You are spot on, a Sunday outfit was on the list and I missed it! We are keeping dresses (and a button down for the boy) in our closet. If it is cool they each have a matching cardigan and tights. There is also a drawer for their nice shoes. We will be wearing these ensembles every Sunday!

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