Instruction Manual

“Scare tactics and propaganda” is how Brent Friend refers to instruction manuals. Today we started flipping through the 2004 Spirit Operator Manual. (My dad is rolling his eyes ad formulating a comment).
Having never actually taken the RV for a test run it is very interesting to us. For example we are learning why the camp sites advertise different amperage levels. Ours needs 30 amps but it doesn’t tell us what happens if we use a 50 connection. We’ll find out at our first campground overnight since we reserved a 50 spot.
Here are some gems we’ve come across in the manual:
• In the unlikely event that the tow bar ever separates from the motor home the tow bar may drag on the ground causing it to pole vault the towed vehicle.
• Effects of prolonged occupancy: Be prepared to deal with condensation and humid conditions.
• Failure to comply could result in explosion resulting in death or serious injury. (Written at the end of each chapter, almost)
• If the alarm sounds do not touch any electrical switches.
• It is important that the instructions are followed exactly or personal injury (particularly to the eyes) may result.
• When cleaning upholstery and fabric, do not use lacquer thinner or nail polish remover. Never use tetrachloride, gasoline or naphtha for cleaning.
• Should you exceed your limits, find alternative transportation; call a cab, ask a friend to drive you home or call a family member to come and get you.


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