3 Cabinets + 3 Drawers = Kitchen

The pantry is stocked and I’ve laid out the sum total of my cookware. It’s like we are pioneers loading the wagon except we have electricity, the trail is paved and we do not have to fear death and pestilence. Other than that, just like the pioneers. We plan out our route and stays a week in advance and that includes the menu. However, if all goes well we will be fed along the way by kind hearted souls which will stretch out our stores and be easier on the budget.
In preparation we have been eating down the items in our pantry and doing as little grocery shopping as possible. The kids have absolutely hated the weird combinations of meals but it is amazing how much food we had on hand. I’m not sure why but we had 3 open ranch dressing, 2 jellys, 2 ketchups, 5 boxes of half eaten crackers and 6 (SIX) assorted powdered drink mixes. I’m hoping that many others can relate. The final items on my shelves are cereal (for our last morning), a can of almond paste and a can of artichoke hearts.
As for cookware, there have to be enough items in my kitchen to run 3 kitchens. Why do I have 5 spatulas? And that is not counting the grill spatula. I had to spend an inordinate amount of time choosing just the right one for the trip, and I’m still second guessing myself. I have four 9×13 baking dishes but they are all glass, for the trip I had to borrow one from my neighbor (thank you neighbor!). Spoons, I had to stop counting. And knives? There seriously may have been a point in my life where I ordered Jitsu knives while sleep-watching TV, there is really no other explanation for the number of knives in at least 3 separate drawers, a special box and a special wood holder, they can be counted by the dozens.
The 12-piece cooking ensemble will do us just fine.



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