1. We Are Really Doing This

The night before leaving our suburban life behind is when we decided to figure out how the water in an RV works. Brent and Scarlet took a trip to the Flying J truck stop and emptied the nasty tanks. Back at home Brent spent a good part of the night flushing the tanks with bleach water. Hopefully we don’t end up poisoning ourselves or burning our esophaguses the first time we drink the water.
The morning of departure day is best described in 3 words loading, cleaning and yelling. When we started loading the liquor cabinet into the RV we knew it was time to stop ourselves and just leave.

Our neighbors and friends gave us a great send off and the trip started at 2:13. At 2:26 Arden announced that she had to go to the bathroom.
Our very first stop was Frankfort(IN) to visit my grandmother. She was waiting for us with cookies and a travel care package which included wet wipes, hot chocolate and latex gloves. I’m not sure what the latex gloves are for but I’m not going to question the wisdom of a seasoned RV’er. After a brief visit she toured the RV and deemed us ready to go. She also got to see her old escort wagon that was pulled behind her RV in the days she camped with my grandfather.

For our final stop, we made it all the way to Lafayette to our friends Dave and Tammy. Tammy and I met in college in Stewart cooperative house. We had a great evening visiting and watching the hundred neighborhood kids play flashlight tag.
First overnight in the RV. In a residential cul-de-sac, plugged into our friend’s garage. I wonder if we will make it without any of the kids waking us up for something.


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