2. The Battle of Tippecanoe

20130811-213922.jpgOne of the things we hoped to do was see friends and family we had not seen in a while. On our first morning of the trip we saw quite a few. We attended church service with our friends Tammy and Dave at Covenant Evangelical Presbyterian Church in West Lafayette. Brenna was was able to join us for the service (Hurray – one more chance to say goodbye). She was Dave and Tammy’s flower girl so many years ago. This was the church’s annual outdoor service and picnic held at Battleground, IN. After the service we met friends old and new:

Jen & Kevin: A Camp Tecumseh connection. While we were never there during the same summers Jen and her daughter Katie have attended quilt camp with our family.

Adam & Kelly: Adam grew up a mile north of our home and we attended Hopewell church together. We met his wife, Kelly, for the first time and made the connection that she attended the same church in Frankfort where Brent and I were married. Additionally, my grandfather officiated the wedding of her parents.
Anita & Angela: This mother and daughter took time to introduce themselves to us as Angela is a sorority sister of Brenna at Purdue.
Lydia & Isabel: Scarlet recognized more quilt camp attendees while waiting in line to get her face painted.

We said goodbye to our host family and then took the opportunity to learn a bit of Indiana history and the Battle of Tippecanoe. The children were less than thrilled with the educational bent. But come on, the battle led by William Henry Harrison is exciting history stuff. Brody has to write a report on it for ‘school’ tomorrow. Hmm, maybe Brody reports should be a page of this blog – I’m going to have to figure out how to do pages first.

We are now settled in at the Dunes on lake Michigan in Northern Indiana. We successfully set up camp and pulled off a meal. We are a bit different than the other campers. Everyone, save for Scarlet, was still in their church clothes. I think you are supposed to wear shorts with an elastic waist and a big T-shirt. We did grill out burgers, Turkey Florentine burgers with Mozzarella cheese. Tammy is a owner of a Dream Dinner franchise and we are set with some gourmet meals for the next week or two. After they are gone, it will be spaghetti and cereal.

Damage report: Widened a hole in the back of the drivers seat when it was too far back when we tried to put the slide out.
Things forgotten: Childrens’s gloves, grilling utensils, lighter fluid, and sleeping bag liners (sorry mom!)


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