3. Indiana Dunes

Ain’t that America – John Cougar Mellencamp. Little Pink Houses is the live music playing next door as we settle in to sleep. No worries though, the guy actually sounds good! Today was a mixture of homework, hiking, good meals, and biking. We started off by doing a bit of homework after breakfast. Arden aced her first quiz, Scarlet studies up on nouns, and Brody did a potpourri of spelling, language, and revisionist history. They worked so hard that the mobile wifi blew up (which we’ll need to replace tomorrow in Chicago). But with the work behind them they had time to water bend:


Sprint down 192′ of sand dune:


Make friends with Taylor Swayzee


And have some quality family time before bed


All in all, a good day. We’re excited to see what tomorrow will bring.

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