4. Customer Service in Schaumburg, Illinois

A critical element to making our current alternative lifestyle successful (and survivable) is connectivity. Specifically, internet connectivity so the children can be educated. All of Arden’s courses and two of Scarlet’s are entirely on-line. Yesterday was the first time we employed RV school and after a couple of hours our mobile Wi-Fi hot spot went cold. No matter how many times we pushed the Power button, nothing happened. After an hour on the phone with support staff the diagnosis was that unit needed to be taken in to a store – but not just any store a Device Service Center Store. Lucky for us one is located in Chicago which is right where we wanted to be.

We left the Dunes and drove to a new camp ground, North of Chicago in Chain O Lakes state park. After a quick lunch the Escort was unhitched and the family piled in check out the Windy City. Our idea to Visit downtown Chicago after the Service Center visit flew out the window once we encountered traffic. We also realized that the Chicago Service Center was actually in a suburb, Schaumburg, about an hour outside of the city. Chicago was not going to happen.

Once at the center we were handed off twice to an appropriate helper person. We provided all our account information and the helper typed a lot into their computer. The helper took our device, pushed the Power button and it turned on.

The Amish are on to something.


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