5. CAUTION – The State of Illinois is under construction

20130815-085229.jpg I now realize why Illinois gun laws are so restrictive. It’s because the entire state is a work zone and politicians are concerned that road rage will get out of control. As we explored northeast Illinois, we couldn’t go two miles without a lane closure, stoppage, or uneven pavement.


So everywhere we wanted to go was a bit delayed, which would be frustrating if we were on a schedule, but we’re not.


When we finally made it to Chicago, we enjoyed strolling around and seeing the sites around Millennium Park. The Bean was a big hit


As well as orchestra rehearsal for Rachmaninov

And reviewing my personal biography at the Art Institute

Then back to the car to fight traffic all the way to the Wisconsin state line.

Note to the in-laws whose car we are driving – traffic violations are photo enforced. If you receive mailings from the State of Illinois authorities, it may have something to do with those red lights I ran. Just let me know.

Update: we parked in Chicago using Spothero. For $10 we reserved a spot 2 blocks from the Park at the Palmer House parking garage. I don’t know how they do it but it was an unexpected convenience. Many major cities have Spothero, check it out.


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