7. If You’ve Got The Time, We’ve Got the Beer, Miller Beer

It is important to always keep in mind the educational aspects of our trip. What better place to take our children to learn about assembly line manufacturing than a brewery. After saying goodbye to our host we headed to Milwaukee to tour the Miller Brewery. This is also the employer of our host, Steve. If you were wondering,yes, employees get free beer. But no more than 3 cases a month.

The tour was fun and informative, even for the kids. It included a trip to their historic caves and caves always fascinate 8 year old boys. We did get a couple if beer tastings and some pretzels. They also had postcards you could write which they would mail. We took full advantage of this and let our children write postcards to their friends with the words: Wish You Were Beer. This includes to our daughter Brenna. Apologies to all the parents of the friends who will be receiving the postcards, but it was free!

We are missing out on our daughter Brenna’s activities. Luckily relatives are stepping in for us. Brenna and the Purduettes had their first concert at Camp Tecumseh. In attendance were Brenna’s grandparents, great grandmother, and 2 great aunts. Brenna had a solo which we were sorry to miss. So if you have the opportunity to see the Purduettes please give our daughter a hug from her vagabond family.


2 responses to “7. If You’ve Got The Time, We’ve Got the Beer, Miller Beer

  1. Way to go, nothing like hands on education at the brew house, tomorrow the slaughterhouse and the sausage grinder! Brenna was dazzling and put on quite a show, her back up singers fulfilled their roles in a satisfactory manner. She posed for pictures with her fans then graciously departed to resume her hectic schedule.

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