8. Legends Lake

20130818-121041.jpgEvery morning should begin with a steaming cup of coffee and conversation with good friends while overlooking a pristine lake. We are privileged to have our hosts, Mike and Jen, invite us to their lake cabin in Keshena, WI. Mike and were pledge brothers, Outlaws to be exact, at FarmHouse. It has been too long since we have seen one another.

Our time is filled enjoying lake activities and the wooded property. The children can not get enough of tubing behind the jet ski. Brody watches the clock for the 10:30 lake fun start time. In the evening we enjoyed grilling, reminiscing and s’mores around the firepit. Jen & Mike also. introduced us to some Wisconsin cuisine: cheese curds and Maple Syrup Old Fashioneds.


But let’s talk about the cabin. The cabin was purchased with contents included. Contents included were top of the line items and decor from the 1970s. It is a testament to the durability and timeless beauty of Tupperware and needlepoint flowers on burlap. Too many items remind me of my childhood home or those of my friends when I lived in Southern California in the late 70s. You don’t know how badly the urge was fought to amass everything on a table and take a photo.

We are so taken with this place that we are ready to pay the children to be in their best behavior so we get invited back.


5 responses to “8. Legends Lake

  1. All right you are in the Deep Dark Wisconsin Woods relaxing. When are any of you going to do something constructive like shoot a moose or bear ? Whitetails don’t count you can do that in Indiana!

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