9. RV: Rent or Purchase

Today was filled with more lake activities. Brody excels at telling time and he figured that there was fun to be had between 10:30 and lunch before we had to depart. The girls were also cognizant of our time coming to and end and were more interested in saying good bye to little fluffy dogs Coco and Pepper. The afternoon was spent travelling across Wisconsin to Wisotta Lake near Chippewa Falls.

A question we often get is do we own or rent the RV. The easy answer is that we own it, however, it was not a quick decision. Our initial budget was $10,000 for a vehicle. It seemed like a nice round number not based on any knowledge of RV value at all. Renting an RV was completely out of the question as the costs started at $200 for weekends. We needed something for at least 4 months and no one was willing to make a deal. Rental RVs are too new to get a cut rate.

The next plan was to buy one. We do not like debt so we looked into buying something for $10,000. We certainly found a couple that were in our price range with names like “Old Woody” and “Honeybee” from the 1980s. We seriously considered them but the probabilit they would break down on the road was pretty high. We finally realized that by financing one we could get something reasonable and reliable.

We went to many lots and explain to the dealers what we were doing and our budget. We had to look a lot as many of the RVs on the market do not sleep 6 – we really needed an overhead cab (Class-C is the correct lingo). We left our information with dealers throughout the area. We were surprised that no one ever called us to say they had something that would fit our needs. I thought we would be a sure thing and the dealers would be on the look out. But they didn’t seem to be.

We finally found one in our price range at Mt. Comfort RV in Greenfield. The monthly payment is under $400, well within our budget. We plan to sell the RV after our trip so if anyone is inspired and wants to replicate our trip as closely as possible, I know where you can get an RV. (Please call us, I don’t want to have to deal with Craig’s list).

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