10. Brody Turns 9

20130819-230323.jpgIt was like Christmas morning in the RV. You know, where the children get up ridiculously earlier and can only speak using shrieking sounds? Birthday boy Brody has been wanting a camera since the day we mentioned we might be going on a small trip. He was not disappointed. He also received $9 from his grandparents and spent time scouring the aisles of a gas station in search of something to purchase (75 cent honeybun was his choice).

Birthday boy Brody had his choice of activity from the following list of things to do in Chippewa Falls:

• Zoo
• Paul Bunyan Logging Camp
• Brewery Tour
• Mason shoe outlet

Can you imagine the trouble he had deciding? He chose the zoo. Irvin park zoo is very small. It is barely the size of a strip mall. But it has the best bear and tiger exhibit on the planet. You know how you go to the tiger exhibit at famous zoos and you are about 60 feet from the enclosure with a moat and a chain link fence. Usually there is grass and brush with the tiger nowhere to be seen or maybe you can see an orange flash of something behind a rock. Most likely you see far off day lilys and pretend you see the tiger. At this zoo the tigers are RIGHT THERE.

There is nothing been you and the tiger but 2 inches of plexiglass. The tigers are glued to the plexiglass because 10 feet away are the Hyenas. The tigers are waiting for the day a real life Harry Potter kid comes along and makes the plexiglass disappear.

This zoo also had some albino animals which were pretty unusual.


Luckily we had time for two birthday activities so we took our 9 year old on a tour of another Brewery, Leinenkugels. My friends, I have determined that their Berry Weiss is my very favorite. This will assure it is put in hibernation by the family within the next year.

Brody rounded out his day with a cake prepared by the family of our Minneapolis friends, Melissa and Eric.
Shouldn’t every 9 year old have a hot pink cake?


5 responses to “10. Brody Turns 9

  1. Happy 10th Birthday, Brody!!! Hopefully we will see some of those pictures you take with the new camera.

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