12. Camp Tecumseh Reunion

Mel & Kipp 2013

Mel & Kipp 2013

Our Minneapolis hosts have been Melissa & Eric and their children: Kyra, Evan, and Anya. Missy, or Mel, or Melissa, and I first met in Shawnee cabin at Camp Tecumseh circa 1982. Missy is in the purple shirt and I am wearing striped PJs (counselors: Angela and Heidi).


We were also in Kickapoo (Beaner and Jacqui were our counselors). We were CITs (led by Varmit, Kirsten, and Shark). And we were on staff in 92. Missy & Eric even met at Tecumseh. For anyone who has ever been a summer camper or counselor, you can relate to the special relationships that are developed over a short period of time. Camp Tecumseh is a special place for my family. My mother even graffitied the walls back in her day.

Not satisfied with her name, she wrote the entire address

Not satisfied with her name, she wrote the entire address

I hope Missy is just the first of many Camp T friends we meet along our travels in the coming months.

It should be noted that Missy & Eric’s children get an award for the best greeting by waiting in front of their house and jumping around as the RV barreled down their street. They also get an award for the best goodbye, you can just check out the photo.


On our way out we couldn’t miss the Mall of America. The children each picked one ride at the indoor amusement park and a store to browse through. Brody chose LEGO; the girls, Delia’s; and Brent & I, Marbles the Brain Store. Marbles had a large array of brain teaser and strategy games which we enjoyed playing. It has inspired us to have family game night during our stay at Kilen Woods State park. We will teach the children the great Indiana pastime, Euchre.



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