13. By Scarlet Friend


This morning I woke to rain. Too bad for me there was a vent open above my bed and my sleeping bag got soaked. After the rain catastrophe I ate wonderful apple oatmeal mom and Brody made last night. Once breakfast was finished Brody and I put up the awning, then I helped unplug the RV. We set off to drive. That feeling only lasted for a little while because we realized Arden had failed to get ready fast and we caught ourselves picking her up at the bathroom. Finally we were on the road . I headed straight for the cab where I immediately started wasting battery on my iPhone, Arden made herself comfortable and started listening to music, and Brody napped on the couch. A couple hours later we were at a Shell gas station we had passed the first time through. Dad pumped gas while Mom took orders for what sandwiches we wanted (I’m starting not to believe her when she says that we have other lunch food). We ate at the gas station because it takes that long to pump gas. then we headed for Wal Mart we did our grocery shopping and filled up our water bottles. We came back put the groceries away and where headed to Al’s Oasis. Not long after we had left the iPhone was dead so I made my self useful and annoyed Brody. Later on in the ride Brody and I started playing card games. we stopped at our destination and the campground was a huge disappointment, so we drove further down the road to Cedar Shore. On the short trip down to Cedar Shore Arden found we where playing cards so the battle began. We started playing Speed. Arden was determined to win and we weren’t going to stop until she won. when she finally won then we had to play again to make sure I wasn’t being easy on her. We arrived to the camp site immediately started on homework. after homework was dinner. We had meatloaf and corn along with kale chips we ate earlier. Once we were all picked up from dinner we walked to the hotel nearby and swam in the pool, sat in the hot tub, and laid in the sauna. Before returning to the RV we stopped by the park and played. when we came back there were brownies made for dessert. Then us kids started on homework. Mom and Dad were discussing a movie night or euchre, so I was very excited another game. Dad went outside and played his guitar while Arden talked with her friends. Now Arden is gone. My dreams of fun night are crushed due to Mom and her schedule.


3 responses to “13. By Scarlet Friend

  1. Good report Scarlet, isn’t shipboard life fun? Maintain your watertight integrity and stay brave!

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