15. Bison! Get My Camera

20130825-104836.jpgThis evening we had Bison* running amok through the campground. During wildlife lectures at the parks the rangers emphasize that Bison are powerful and fast creatures. You should not try to approach them and keep a safe distance. Everyone follows those rules, when they are in a car. When Bison are running through a campground, everyone sprints towards them taking pictures. Sadly, Our family, could not get one good picture to share.
With only a skeleton of a travel plan, we never quite know what the next day brings and the contrast between days is amazing. Two nights ago we camped on the edge of the Missouri River. Ten feet from the bank. The slot next to us had actually collapsed and partially slid into the river. Maybe not the wisest choice of spots but it was really cool.
Last night we camped at the foot of the badlands mountain like formations. We watched them change with the sunset, moonrise and the sunrise. Who knew they could look so different?
Tonight (and the next three nights) we are in the wooded hills of Custer State Park. With the Bison.

*Bison and Buffalo are used interchangeably in the US. However our wildlife guides have let us know that technically they are Bison, Buffalos are in Africa.

2 responses to “15. Bison! Get My Camera

  1. We best inform the Fremont residents that they are a part of another contiment.
    I just love to see the photos of the wide open spaces!

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