16. Smells Like Cream Soda

20130825-195042.jpgThis is how Junior Ranger Brody answered the question, “What does the bark of a Ponderosa Pine tree smell like?” And he is spot on. At the Friend family Thanksgiving the cousins always try to get someone to innocently wave their hand over a dish by asking, “is this hot?” The poor victim may end up with their hand slapped down in some food. This Ponderosa Pine thing is not one of the jokes, it is 100% real.
How did we come about this knowledge? It all started with a trip to Jewel Cave. Did you know that TODAY, August 25, 2013 is the 97th anniversary of the National Park Service? And in celebration all Jewel Cave tours were free? We sure didn’t. We are all about free but when you saunter in after lunch all the folks that did know that fact have taken all the tickets for the day. This first come first served business is for the birds.
Not to waste a trip we used our time to earn Junior Ranger badges for Brody and Scarlet, one if their activities had us smelling pine trees. They also made plaster casts of animal tracks. Some lucky relative will be getting one for Christmas.
Tomorrow we will have an alarm wake us up to take the actual tour. I hope we can remember how to set one. A great thing about going tomorrow is I get to better plan my wardrobe. It in the high 80s during the day but 49 in the caves. This is the perfect opportunity for shants. I can wear my long pants for the cave tour and the zip off the legs and they become shorts! The girls are going to be so jealous of my functional wear And when they learn Brent and I have a matching set? There will be no words.


4 responses to “16. Smells Like Cream Soda

  1. Your pictorial of interaction with trees certainly gives one pause. Well we just won’t go there! Meanwhile back in Realville we visited Brenna and the Purduettes for another buffo performance. Brenna was limited to only three solos with the special ensembles so the less talented would not feel worthless and act all envious like democrats. Bright and effervescent as usual she is bearing up well as an abandoned daughter. Maybe she can find a tree on campus to hug!

  2. This line is an absolute gem: “They also made plaster casts of animal tracks. Some lucky relative will be getting one for Christmas.” Also, there are no words for how great this blog is… thanks for sharing!

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