18. Fine Arts and Fashion

20130827-201657.jpgWe want our excursions to be diverse so today we focused on the Arts. We visited a couple of mountainous works. The designers bold choices of mediums include jackhammers and dynamite*. It was the obligatory trip to Mt Rushmore and Crazy Horse.
Both are impressive and entertaining. I have to admire the Crazy Horse folks who are on pace to have the work completed in about 200 years. It started in 1948, and so far the face is done. But you can enjoy the laser show that is put on every night, not a lie.

The children are continuing to do well and adapt to our new way if life. However Arden is not budging on fashion. When I was 14, if my family took me on such a trip I would have brought 3 cans of hair spray and made sure my bangs were at their ultimate volume every day. Regardless of the destination I would have worn my white Ked’s with no shoe laces and my acid washed overalls with only one shoulder strap clipped. That was the 80s.
Kids today seem to be into hoodies. Fashion is not always comfortable. We should all applaud Arden and her choice to represent her generation by wearing a hoodie sweatshirt on a 93 degree day.

We took the scenic rout through the park on our way back to the RV. We were rewarded with awesome views and ridiculously small tunnels. The one pictured at the top of the blog looks exactly like an elephant to us. The children, and adults did some rock climbing when the formations became too irresistible.

*familiarity with the 70s television show “Good Times” has greatly impaired my ability to spell dynamite without auto-correct.


3 responses to “18. Fine Arts and Fashion

  1. Great blog entries. They are very funny! We have never seen Mt Rushmore or Crazy Horse. Definitely something on our list! Hello to all.

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