19. A Perfect Day

This day was perfect in my (Brent’s) eyes. Those of you who know me know I’m not much of a planner, so starting the day with a general plan and going with the flow suits me just fine. So this morning, we knew we wanted to get some homework and laundry done as well as wash the RV and end up at Devils Tower in Wyoming. That general plan worked out wonderfully.

So we break camp in Custer State Park this morning. Apparently, word of our departure has reached the buffalo herd, so they dramatically attempt to block our escape route.


But we got around them and found a car wash in Rapid City. Elizabeth took the kids, the laundry, and a roll of quarters and left me clean the house. After an hour of scrubbing, I headed into the library where the girls were studying


… or using their cell phones as Arden appears to be doing. When Elizabeth and Brody return from Laundry World (where, according to Brody, Rachel Ray was on television), we all collected our things and returned to the clean RV for lunch. Oh yeah, Brody wanted his hair chopped off so he wouldn’t have to take so many showers (makes sense), thus the buzz cut. Not to be outdone, I shaved mine all off. I guess I won’t be showering until the holidays.


The next stop was Deadwood. Elizabeth and I have a warm place in our hearts for Deadwood having watched the HBO series (NOT recommended for young or easily offended viewers). It’s pretty much a casino town now, but we were able to take in a couple of reenactments, including the snake oil salesman:


A documented gunfight:


But most importantly, Wild Bill Hickok being shot in the back during a game of poker. Brody played the part of Captain Massie, a player at the table that day:



We left Deadwood and headed for Devils Tower, meaning we had to cross into Wyoming. As a tribute to the state, I tuned in some country music and listened to a couple of tunes. That didn’t last long as Scarlet commandeered the radio a flipped to some Led Zeppelin.


And when the day came to a close, we were comfortably parked outside of Devils Tower National monument, nestled into a KOA and anxious to see what tomorrow has to offer.


The night sky is so crisp that we’re able to see a lot of constellations. At 9:23 the space station passed overhead and a few shooting stars accompanied it.

2 responses to “19. A Perfect Day

  1. Deadwood was really destroyed when they allowed the casinos in. I went there several times when I was a kid and it was very historic and fun. The only industry in town was tourism. There was a fabulous re-enactment of the death of Wild Bill and the subsequent trial. Glad to hear at least some of the historic stuff is still there.

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