20. Quinceañera at Devils Tower

Isn’t this the place every teenage girl wants to spend their birthday, with just their family? It was another great day together, Arden had a party with her friends before we left so today was all bonus. Arden didn’t have to do any chores but she chipped in anyway. The kids have learned that if you don’t help then whatever needs to be done takes longer with fewer people. Arden also chose all the meals, blueberry coffee cake, macaroni & cheese, and shrimp fettuccine for dinner. Of course we had cake and sang loudly.
We are at a KOA with wi-fi so we took advantage of it and the kids spent the morning online with their studies. This is our first KOA and we hopefully will not have to use one again. Turns out children are $3.95 extra. Each. That hurts. Perhaps that’s the way it is with private campgrounds, state parks have been spoiling us.

Our afternoon was spent completing arduous Junior Ranger requirements and hiking around the base of the behemoth rock. I always wondered why a majority of the artists who painted the monument seemed to be channelling Van Gogh. It really is that lined at that colorful. Green, orange, browns, the blue sky and Brent’s red shirt made the day like a big rainbow.

Of course the perfect ending to Arden’s birthday at Devils Tower was the screening of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. We watched it outside with the tower right behind on a big screen. It started to pour just before all of the good stuff. We waited it out and were able to finish the film. The money the family received from filming the movie on their land was used to build the campground.

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