21. Things by the Side of the Road

Photo by Brody

Photo by Brody

Mostly animals.

Not animals “sleeping” by the side of the road but zoo-grade wildlife grazing in gutters and generally in the way. The novelty wears off quickly when you are surrounded by a herd of Buffalo


We learned in Custer State Park that there is a large male Buffalo around every corner. With so many days in the park and taking the same road back to the RV we got to know where to look and what to expect. The large fellow before the  outlook tower was especially well groomed. His neighbor never moved far from his bedding spot, we were beginning to worry that he may have been ill.


Evidently deer found asphalt grown fare quite satisfying. Lucky for us their choice of dining areas allowed us to get close enough to teach the children the difference between mule deer (big ears) and white tail (white tails). Sadly the does were not teaching their young fawns well and liked bringing them to the roadside buffet. Although if Bambi taught us anything it’s that the meadow is not that great either.

Photo by Scarlet

Photo by Scarlet

While in the Badlands we stopped and took nearly 145 pictures of the cute little prairie dogs. Not one picture turned out well because they appeared far off and blended in with the background. I now judge the Badland prairie dogs as rude and standoffish. This is based solely on the little friendly fellow we met at Devils Tower. In the road. Devils Tower prairie dogs are awesome.


There is a reason that this post is not titled “Animals by the Side of the Road”. Today while driving through the incredibly picturesque Bighorn Canyon we came across this guy on the side of the road.


This is a reminder to us to watch our speed around those hills and curves.

And finally a photo of a pronghorn not too far off the side of the road. This is nicer than the two pronghorn playing chase directly towards the road at around 60 miles per hour. We viewed this as we were travelling about 60 miles per hour down the road. in a perpendicular direction. I found myself wondering if they were going to stop before they crashed into me when I should have been STOPPING THE CAR. However, the pronghorns did have sense enough not to dart in front of or in to a car.

Not running 60 miles per hour

At our stopover campground in Ten Sleep, WY we were invited to a neighbor’s campfire. We met a group of retirees from Mississippi who travel the US with the horses to see the country from a different vantage point. Scarlet enjoyed cuddling with the neighbor’s dog and Brody was in heaven with 5 grandmothers letting him eat their home-made goodies.


3 responses to “21. Things by the Side of the Road

  1. Are we to understand that you departed Custer Park without the obligatory pilgrimage to the sacred site of the Battle of Little Big Horn? No true American can fully understand “Americanism” without fully understanding “Custer’s Last Stand”!

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