22. Ride ’em Cowboy!

After a day of driving across the Wyoming desert we made it to Cody, Wyoming, the land of Buffalo Bill Cody. This is what greeted us:


Kidding! This is a old timey town where they have brought in and restored buildings from the late 19th century. They wanted a fee for us to tour so we just observed what they had from the gate. We did find a museum with the worlds largest diorama of the settling of Wyoming. The kids were thrilled when we made them read every last word on the self guided tour. The owner of the place said the entire project took 55 years. It’s nice to know the diorama skills we all had to do at east once in elementary school were used by someone.

Surprisingly we found another free street gunfight show at the Irma hotel. Should we be concerned that we have now taken our children to two shows of street thuggery and one of a straight up murder (Wild Bill HIckock)?


When the city you are visiting considers itself the Rodeo Capital of the World then you go to the rodeo. We spent nearly three hours watching the Cody Night Rodeo. It was the last night of the season so everyone we putting forth their best efforts. The action was non-stop and the rodeo clown humor was geared directly towards 9 year old boys.





When the show ended and the stands cleared we had one of those parenting moments where you don’t know whether to be proud or horrified. With our new lifestyle the kids have had to adjust. A big change is that we just don’t spend money on whatever we want. We don’t go out to eat and we don’t buy souvenirs. We also don’t buy snacks at rodeos. Other people do. Other people don’t finish their jumbo popcorn or bag of cotton candy. They leave them in the stands. My children recognized this as bounty and descended on the cast-offs like locusts. They could not have been more proud and satisfied to have FREE goodies.

6 responses to “22. Ride ’em Cowboy!

  1. We are just so proud of our grandchildren being taught life skills like scrounging for discarded food in public places, next up dumpster diving! This will put them in good stead in our new dawning peoples democratic republic!

    • We don’t pay $5 for a bundle of firewood either. The kids are great scavengers of the wood people leave behind. And half burnt logs, pure gold!

  2. I’m having fun living vicariously; 18 years ago we were in the Cody/Yellowstone/Teton area when our kids were 11 and 12. Beautiful country and lots to do and see.

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