23. Donner Party Comparison Avoidance

Before we left Cody we found the annual Cody Community church joint worship service in the park. It was a beautiful day, the speaker and music were good and it ended with a bar-b-q lunch – can’t beat that! The kids enjoyed the bouncy houses and face painting.

Another day of driving across Wyoming to reach our final destination of the Grand Tetons. We have found the Yellowstone/Grand Teton folks are not big on providing internet connectivity on demand. Our updates may not be as timely as we would like but we will take advantage of Wifi when we can to publish the daily updates. We arrived in the Grand Tetons to find the more desirable RV spots taken. And by desirable, I mean they have electricity hook-ups. The reserved sites were all spoken for weeks ago – not a big surprise over Labor Day weekend. The remaining sites are available on a first come first serve basis. We briefly ran the generator for dinner prep and then called it an early night and slept with the sun.

That’s when Brody decided to throw up. Perfect ending to the day!

One of the questions we get (or at least the kids get) is what do you eat. Let’s start by what we don’t eat – fast food or any restaurant food for that matter. There is no room in the budget for going out to eat. We eat pretty much the same as we do at home. There are Walmarts all across America and we buy what we need. There is no way we are going to starve on this trip no matter what the kids tell you.

Our food budget is $500 a month. This may need to be adjusted as we are over on our first month. We are very conservative with snacks and portions. The goal is to have very few leftovers and absolutely NO food is thrown away. The kids are not able to snack as frequently but they are never hungry. Our stove and oven are run by gas. The oven is smaller than home so 2 items cannot be cooked at the same time. We brought an electric skillet that can also function as a slow cooker, this has been an excellent choice, it can even be used outside.

Brody really enjoys helping me get dinner ready. At first I thought he was just trying to avoid dish duty, but he really likes it. He was completely captivated by Rachael Ray cooking and asked that we make what she made. When we have some afternoon cooking time Brody and I will be preparing her Texas Stewed Pork. It was a little extra for some of the ingredients but Brody is very excited.

Our breakfast are usually cereal if we need to start the day early, pancakes if we have no particular reason to get on the road. We also make a great apple oatmeal dish that cooks overnight. It makes the RV smell wonderful and is the perfect meal on a cool morning.

Lunches are usually sandwiches (Scarlet’s favorite). It is more by necessity as we are out touring in the car during the day. It is fast and easy. We have a small cooler and pack it with yogurt, lunch meat, carrot sticks, granola bars. There is a wide variety and the kids get to choose the granola bar flavors and other items while we do the shopping.

Dinners are the only items that take planning. We have to figure out how much cooking time is available. We also have to plan for defrosting frozen items. A big change from home is snacks. At home – no snacks while mom is making dinner. On the road, I purposely put out an appetizer while I’m cooking. It keeps down the whining and it starts to fill them up so they won’t notice the smaller dinner portions! Snacks are usually crackers and cheese or chips and salsa.

Here is our oatmeal if anyone wants to try it

Layer these items in a crock pot – I don’t stir:

2-3 apples peeled and cut into chunks

Sweeten and spice with brown sugar, maple syrup, cinnamon (choose your own portions and add other goodies you like)

2 Cups Oatmeal

4 cups water

Cook on low overnight

Apple oatmeal

8 responses to “23. Donner Party Comparison Avoidance

  1. Wow–what an adventure! We two eat on a strict budget (there are only two of us at home now that the kids are all grown, but we believe in moderation and frugality, and eating real food, from scratch).

    Do you by any chance have a healthy, inexpensive autumn soup recipe? I’m collecting autumn soups from the blogging community. If you post a comment and a link my blog post on Friday, September 7th (be sure to comment, if you just put a link WordPress will think you’re a spammer); I’ll put a link to and note about your blog in an October post about community and soup. My post this Friday is called Hambone, Hambone, Pea Soup. Thanks for considering this. I like your blog.

  2. In the Navy they lived on hardtack and salt pork plus a tot of rum at noon. Oh yes don’t forget an occasional lemon so you don’t get scurvy.

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