24. Rainy Days and Mondays are Great!

20130903-100430.jpgThis is the view on Labor Day of the Grand Tetons from the lobby of the Jackson Lake Lodge. All these people are here for vacation and this is what they get. What a crummy day for them. For us, It couldn’t be better. We are not leaving Western Wyoming until September 10th. And we don’t even have to leave then if we don’t want to. I’m sure not many people are in the same situation. We will see the Tetons in all their splendor soon enough.

Brody is sick today, he isn’t missing a thing. What a great day to just lie around the RV, sleep and get better. For the girls, it’s all about online coursework. Jackson Lake lodge has free wi-fi in their lobby (they also have free cookies and melon/pineapple infused water).

There is never a time when we don’t have something to do. In fact I have not heard the phrase, “I’m bored” since we left Franklin. The kids are eager to study. They are trying to get through the curriculum as quickly as they can. They would like to be done so there won’t be any studying to do when we travel Europe. Arden also wants to take Spanish but right now she has a full load. She must complete a class before adding a new one.

After lunch Brody felt better so we spent some more time in the lodge and then stopped by the visitor center for the all-important Junior Ranger badges – that makes 6.

The girls are very happy to be inside all day. The park has emphasized the need for bear safety to the point that the girls are convinced they will be eaten as soon as they step on a trail. I tried to explain that they were more likely to be injured in a car accident while here than meeting a bear. They aren’t having any part of my logic-talk.

The brochure about bears had a section about the effectiveness of bear spray. The instructions for bear spray were included. Here is how to thwart a rapidly approaching bear:

  1. Remove  pin (got it – just like a grenade)
  2. Point in a downward position adjusting for crosswind (what? you have to figure out which way the wind is blowing? And angles of the wind?)
  3. Spray when bear is 30-60 yards (If a bear is charging I don’t think I can calculate the crosswind and the bear’s velocity to estimate his distance at spray time. Furthermore I would spend way too much time wondering if the directions said “yards” or “feet”)
  4. Spray so that the bear has to pass through a cloud of the bear spray (this would only be successful if I was spraying perfume and Brent happened to walk in at just the right time)
  5. If this fails (which it will) spray directly into the bears face

I don’t think we will be investing in bear spray anytime soon. But anyone is looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity there is a need in Wyoming for easy to use bear spray.


4 responses to “24. Rainy Days and Mondays are Great!

  1. You can get a can of wasp spray that shoots up to 25 feet. Works around here for unwanted “things”.

  2. Did they mention Bear bells? I remember something about that when when we stayed w our niece/nephew in Moose WY (at the foot of the Tetons).

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