25. Have You Seen These Shoes?

We awoke this morning to find lonely single shoes with their mates nowhere to be found. The mystery deepened, the shoe at the top of the photo? Not one of ours. We searched and searched and searched. Nothing.
At check out we mentioned our missing shoes to a park ranger and they replied, “Oh, the fox. We don’t know what she does with them. ”
We left our shoes out and a fox took off with two of them. And left us someone else’s shoe. As mentioned before there is no end to the bear warnings that are posted. They are even laminated and glued to the picnic table at each and every site. There is nothing about thieving foxes.
According to the ranger there are 2.5 million visitors annually. There was a bear attack 4 years ago. The probability of a bear attack is 1 in 10,000,000 or .000001%. Lots of information to avoid this imminent possibility. The probability of a fox absconding with your stuff: 100%. No warnings anywhere.
Grand Tetons. I feel like you owe us $2.75.


5 responses to “25. Have You Seen These Shoes?

  1. It’s funny that this park doesn’t mention this little fact. Our guide for Isle Royale NP mentions it at least two times. Foxes must love smelly shoes!

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