27. Close To You

We don’t want to be.
There were two things we actually planned for our trip, reservations for Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon. Yellowstone has one RV friendly camp area, Fishing Bridge. It is also the most expensive site we have encountered to date (over $50!!!). We had high expectations and cannot tell you the depth if our disappointment. Our reservation was for 7 days, we are leaving for a more primitive site in another area of the park. The photo shows how packed the RVs are. There is no trickery going on, in fact I made the camera angle to show the WIDEST possible distance. There is no room, no view, no fire ring and no picnic table. Let all beware that Yellowstone is not friendly to RVers.

However none of our lodging woes can diminish the incredible geyser basin. We sat with the hoards of tourists to watch Old Faithful and then walked through a bunch smoking holes. It is a very beautiful day. There are quite a few visitors here. I can’t imagine what it is like at the height of tourist season.




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