31. Bozeman MT, is a New Favorite

This our view from the Bozeman public library. This town is high on my list of great places. We spent the night in the Walmart parking lot. This Walmart had the best landscaping of any Walmart I’ve ever seen, and we have seen quite a few in many states. This morning we drove through the town to get to the library. You know how some towns you can see what it once was and they are really trying to build it up again? Not this place, it is lined with the best looking store fronts with a diverse array of interesting shops and services. Beyond Main Street all you can see are tree lined residential streets with mountains as a backdrop. Bozeman residents, you are doing well by your town.

If anyone is paying close attention you may have noticed that we left Yellowstone earlier than planned, there were two reasons for this. First, the kids were worn out, every day we walked miles of trails and boardwalks, we were all starting to feel it. Secondly, the park is closing down and campsites were becoming difficult. After Labor Day the services start to end, there are fewer ranger programs and some places close altogether. The camp sites started to close leaving visitors to play a terrible game of “first come, first serve”. We weren’t interested in spending half a day wasting gas to get a spot for the night.
The kids had a great time exploring the outdoors but are filled with glee to be back in civilization and spend money, on food. For lunch Brody wanted to spend part of his personal cash on a McDonalds value meal #2. The girls then got in on the action, Arden dug into her stash of savings and resourceful Scarlet scrounged up a gift card between the cushions or somewhere.

We expect to be in the Seattle area in a few days and look forward to seeing many of our friends. As always, if it looks like we will be near you we would love to see you, let us know your contact info and we will be in touch

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