32. One Month Anniversary

We left home August 10th and have survived a month living out of and RV and schooling via computers and public library wi-fi. We started the day at Beaver Tail state park. Brent cooked up a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs and potatoes. Are we ready to come home? Not a chance. This was our back yard today, we can’t wait to see the next one.

Here are some of our first month accomplishments:
1 squirrel (Uinta Squirrel, according to the Jr Ranger fact checkers) tragically slaughtered (run over, to the horror of the children) by Elizabeth in the Grand Tetons
2 shoes stolen by a fox
3 pairs of sunglasses broken/misplaced
4 host family stays
5 National parks toured
6 states visited (make that 8 we drove a little farther than expected)
7 Jr Ranger badges/patches earned by Brody and Scarlet
8 electronic devices aiding in our homework and blogging
9 year milestone Brody celebrated
10 tires covering the mileage below
11 days Scarlet has gone without showering
12 Drummers Drumming
15 year milestone Arden celebrated
40 yards Brody and Brent were from a Grizzly Bear
126 (approximate) Bison blocking the road at various times in Wyoming
662 visitors to our blog
2,840 miles driven in the RV

Nine more months to go.

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