33. By Arden Friend

Today we woke up in a campground [Riverside State Park] just off the Washington border.

We ate the daily morning breakfast of cereal and then drove to Spokane library to do schoolwork since we are behind in our studies. We left the building when lunch came around. Brody made man ‘n’ cheese, Scarlet and I made sandwiches, and dad started packing up. I made him a sandwich consisting of basically everything since I didn’t know what he wanted. Once all the slides were in we went to fill up the water tank and then we were off. We started out going to find a rest stop [rest stops have free maps]. Once found, mom and dad decided a good place to go was Moses Lake [we ended up in Potholes state park]. After an hour worth of driving we arrived to a greenery of trees and grass. When you pull into the campground it looks as if you are entering the front lawn of a mansion. Set up was done very quickly and we are all now sitting outside around our campfire carving our walking sticks. Have a great day.

-Arden Friend


3 responses to “33. By Arden Friend

  1. This is quite possibly the best post to date. It’s succinct, factual, and on point. Nice work here Arden. Real nice!

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