34. Best Friends

20130912-221842.jpgThe couple in the middle of the picture above are Bob and Eleanor. They are the parents of our hostess Nancy (with her husband Ron). To the left if Bob is his best friend, George. George is my grandfather. This photo hangs in a home, all the way across the country from where my family lives, in Yakima, Washington. I think that is amazing.
We are lucky to find ourselves with family friends in this agricultural Mecca of the Yakima valley. While the children enjoyed Disney television, a swimming pool and pizza we were given a tour of the miles of fruit orchards that cover this city. Our host’s children are owners of Starr Ranch. Based on the selection of apples and peaches we’ve enjoyed during our stay you cannot go wrong with this brand. If you happen to see it, try it.
After so many days in the road it is nice to be in a home. It is an added bonus that it is with people who know my family so well. Brent was also beyond excited to watch an NFL game (too bad it had to be the Patriots). With the time difference he was able to watch it til the end and still make it to bed at a reasonable hour.


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