35. Return to Rainier

Two years ago our family vacation was climbing Mt. Rainier. Despite valiant efforts it was only my brother, George, and friend, Katie, who made the summit. Brenna’s quote during the climb was, “You said this would be hard but this is horrible!” We may not have made it to the top but we were good enough to make their equipment rental video.

Rainier snow
It was much more pleasant to be a just a site seer this time around. The difference between the Paradise area in August and June is amazing. In August there is a beautiful field of wild flowers, in June, nothing but snow. Do you notice the difference between these photos which are taken in essentially the exact same place?

Arden opted to stay at our campsite and work on an art project. Brody and Scarlet earned another Jr Ranger badge. Both kids were rewarded with a close up deer siting during the small hikes we took.

Our campsite was another of wonder. We stayed at the Ohanapecosh campground in the Southeast corner of the park. It almost has a fairy tale quality about it. The trees tower over 100 feet above and moss covers the trunks and hangs from branches.


6 responses to “35. Return to Rainier

  1. Looks like the Friends are doing well !!! I love all the places you have visited so far and I have been to most of them in my travels, however, I did NOT climb Mt Rainier. (I was in Washington for over a month before the mountain was visible because of the cloud cover….) I hope you continue to have a great adventure ! Our friend Dave asks about you occasionally…I’ll provide him an update next Sunday.

    • It is beautiful out here. Please tell Dave and everyone else we said hello. We think of you often. Brent has acquired a guitar and has spent a few nights plucking out tunes around the campfire.

  2. Sunday school series started today. Sure missed seeing the Friends there! Glad things are going well. Keep up the good work on the blog…..we enjoy the updates!

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