37. Seattle Sites

As a child I’m not sure how I would have handled the knowledge of the existence of the Troll Under the Bridge.

20130916-091037.jpgYes, that is a full size VW bug clutched in the hand.

20130916-091126.jpgpublic art can be such fun.
We have been to Seattle before with the children so Katie and Mike pointed us in the direction of something a little off the beaten path.
I also want to take the opportunity to praise the amazing driving skills of Brent. Our RV is 30 feet plus a whole lot more with a Ford Escort towed behind. Brent does 99% of the driving. There have been a number of tight spaces he has put us through and turned us around in places where it seemed impossible.
Cornering and other maneuvers have gone well. However, elevation changes are what can vex us, the hitch is close to the ground and on certain hills? We have put some excellent gouges in certain streets. I have the winner for a nice dent in a road in Yellowstone. Normally this would not be publicized but since the kids were with me they LOVE telling people about it. Otherwise, there is no proof of my inferior driving skills.


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