38. NoVA Peeps on the West Coast

We are in Tacoma, Washington with my dear friend, Amy, her husband, Mark, and children Spencer and Elena.

The children were happy to be in a home and Brody was elated to have a boy his age to play with. The amount of Lego owned by Spencer is enviable. Amy and I met at West Springfield High School where we were in the Madrigal choir and did fun things like Christmas Carol at the Pentagon (and 87 other Washington DC holiday office parties) and travel to Puerto Rico (I cant even remember where we sang except for an elementary school in the rain). Of course the days have been filled with reminiscing and catching up on recent life events.

For dinner we were joined by our friend Jeff. Jeff attended a rival high school but we met through church youth group (which never travelled to Puerto Rico). Our evening went by too quickly and I must say this is a ridiculously fit group. Each of the men has recently participated in a half iron-man or full iron-man (incredible, Jeff!) Other fitness pursuits included surfing, Scuba and roller derby. I may need to kick it up a notch.

Amy’s parents have relocated from Springfield to Tacoma. It was a treat to sit around the kitchen table and talk just like we did 25 years ago. It is sad that I am separated from such good friends but I am so grateful for the times we have been able to get together over the years.

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