41. A Responsible Adult

Before we left our friend Rob’s he made sure to show off his culinary skills with a fabulous breakfast of omelets and sausage. Our visit, as all our visits are turning out to be, was much too short. Our day was spent at the Tenino library focusing on the children’s schoolwork an planning out the next week of our trip. Google maps are wonderful for getting us around but nothing beats an old fashioned fold out state map when you are trying to figure out a path for an RV. Although we are very happy with the local library services (free Wi-Fi) the local library was not happy with our RV and tow car taking up 6 of their parking spaces. The library security asked a bunch of skateboarders to move on and then approached us to kindly stop taking more than our fair share. The kids were very excited that mom and dad had been in trouble with the “cops”. No problem for us to find some street parking not too far.

Our last host family in the greater Seattle area are Jim and Karen in Lacey. They are the parents of our friend Jeff that we dinnered with a couple of evenings ago. The last time we saw one another was back when I lived in Virginia over 20 years ago. They knew me when life’s top priorities included having no responsibilities, asking parents for gas money and experiencing all the night-life activities offered in the Washington DC area. The hope was that our visit would allow them to see that I grew up to be a responsible adult. Then again I did pull up in front of their house in an RV, unemployed, with 75% of my children and asked if I could plug in an extension cord.

We had a fantastic visit, Brent and I were able to share all of our travel adventure stories and we also caught up on the mutual friends we had from our days of attending the same church. It turns out Jim took a trip similar to ours many years ago with some of his friends. His trip was not as long as ours but he may have us beat with making it to 37 states. We are only up to 8.

The children were enthralled by all the Disney offerings on Netflix and Arden spent time working on her school art project. And then there was Wally. We are dog people and Wally is a people dog. It was a perfect match and we can only hope that Wally does not have to have pet therapy or be medicated with the departure of his three biggest fans.


3 responses to “41. A Responsible Adult

  1. No matter where we have lived our children’s friends have been welcome. One fall our house was a revolving door to most of the foreign Tecumseh counselors. So glad that the Kirkwood friends are still in the loop.

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